News Quiz

1. What two companies ended Coca-Cola’s 13-year reign as the world’s top brand, according to global brand consultant Interbrand?

A. Delta and Dell

B. Apple and Google

C. General Electric and Wal-Mart

D. Aflac and Newell Rubbermaid

2. What county is seeking to become home to metro Atlanta’s second commercial airport?

A. Paulding

B. Spalding

C. Forsyth

D. Gwinnett

3. The district attorney’s office in what county is under scrutiny for its use of seized funds?

A. Clayton

B. DeKalb

C. Cobb

D. Fulton

4. A student at what area high school is recovering from burns suffered in a lab accident last week?

A. DeKalb School of the Arts

B. Chapel Hill High

C. Carver High

D. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

5. A local auction last weekend had what unusual items for bid?

A. A guitar owned by Gregg Allman

B. A harmonica owned by Ray Charles

C. A ring owned by Elvis

D. A banjo owned by George Harrison


1. B. Interbrand's latest list reflects the growing clout the technology industry has in influencing consumer tastes and driving demand. Apple, a powerhouse in computing with its iPhones, iPads and Macs, now leads Interbrand's top 100 Best Global Brands list for 2013. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company is followed by No. 2 Google, the top search engine and social media company, and the force behind the Android mobile operating system used to power Samsung and other devices. Coca-Cola is now third, according to Interbrand.

2. A. Paulding County, northwest of Atlanta, and a New York City venture capital firm say they are on the verge of cracking a monopoly in metro Atlanta by establishing rival airline service outside Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Propeller Investments, whose bid to bring airline flights to Gwinnett County failed last year, says it is now in partnership with the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport to do the same there, as well as to create a cluster of aviation-related businesses in the area.

3. D. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard's solution to his office's chaotic funds was to conjure up his own federal bailout — with money from a controversial program in which federal investigators give the DA's office a cut of assets seized from criminal suspects. Unlike a similar state program, the federal program has strict rules on spending. Forfeiture proceeds must be spent to improve an agency's crime-fighting abilities. Howard is accused of dipping into these funds to buy $8,200 worth of security equipment for his home; a trip for him and his top lieutenants to a civil rights celebration in Alabama; and attendance at a celebrity basketball showcase featuring his NBA star nephew Dwight Howard and entertainers such as Atlanta music icon Cee Lo Green.

4. B. A senior at Douglas County's Chapel Hill High School is expected to make a full recovery after catching on fire during a chemistry demonstration. The accident happened Thursday night during an Advanced Placement open house. During a demonstration, a flammable liquid ignited, catching the student on fire. The burned student, whose name was not released, was transported by ambulance to Grady Memorial Hospital, where she is being treated for burns covering 25 percent of her body.

5. C. and D. A "spirit" ring thought to be a present to Elvis Presley from Sri Daya Mata, a Hindu leader, and a tenor banjo once owned by former Beatle George Harrison were among the items up for sale at a rock memorabilia auction Sunday in Buckhead.