‘Breakdown’ S06, Ep. 1: A Jury of His Peers

Bill Rankin and Kevin Riley cohost the sixth season of 'Breakdown.' (BOB ANDRES  /BANDRES@AJC.COM )

Bill Rankin and Kevin Riley cohost the sixth season of 'Breakdown.' (BOB ANDRES /BANDRES@AJC.COM )

The four men – two in each car – had a rendezvous at a gas station near I-285. Then they decided to drive both cars across the road to the new Burger King.

It was a few minutes before midnight, closing time for the restaurant. The two vehicles pulled in. Two men got out of the black sedan – the car has never been identified – and joined the two men sitting in the blue Pontiac.

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What happens next is the subject of the sixth season of our “Breakdown” podcast, hosted this season by Kevin Riley, the editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the AJC’s legal affairs writer, Bill Rankin. The first episode went live on Monday.

Police cars are parked near a Burger King on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway on April 24, 2016 in response to a double homicide. (AJC file)

Credit: AJC file

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Credit: AJC file

And here’s what happened next: Almost immediately, the man who had just gotten into the rear passenger-side seat started shooting. He got off 10 shots from a .40-caliber Glock, shooting the man directly in front of him in the head twice at nearly point-black range. The shooter’s companion also was hit. He would later die en route to the hospital.

The driver of the car, who apparently had just been giving a friend a ride, leaped from the Bonneville and fled. Police eventually caught him running on I-285 North; in fact, a police car ran into him.

The fourth man, the one with the Glock, got out of the Bonneville, hopped into the black sedan and disappeared.

Reginald Coicou, 24, and Quincy “Fat” Wytche, 24, were killed just before midnight on April 24, 2016. So began a homicide investigation and then a prosecution that eventually pulled a very diverse group of people into its orbit. One of them was Kevin Riley, the AJC’s editor.

Riley gained extraordinary access to police and prosecutors in this double-murder case, and he teams with Bill Rankin, the AJC’s legal affairs writer, to tell the story in Season 6 of “Breakdown.”

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