Mother of slain 7-year-old suing apartment complex for hiring killer

The mother of a 7-year-old girl murdered in her Canton apartment in 2011 is suing the management company that hired the man who killed her.
Channel 2's Craig Lucie obtained the lawsuit that contains new details about the case. The lawsuit included a nine-page packet compiled of complaints filed by Joselinne Rivera against McCormack Baron Ragan Management Services.
It says the company gave Ryan Brunn, "Unfettered and anonymous access to every apartment key in the complex." The documents also state that Jorelys Rivera's murderer, Brunn, sexually assaulted the 7-year-old, killed her and tossed her body in a dumpster.
Rivera is also suing the management company because she says prior warning signs should have been addressed before the murder. 
Rivera said, "Residents noticed Brunn hanging out at the two playgrounds inside the River Ridge apartment complex in Canton and staring at the young children playing."
According to the lawsuit, one resident complained to the management office, reporting that Brunn was bothering the children on the playgrounds, and that the groundskeeper posed a danger to her daughter and other children at River Ridge.
The complaint says that while Brunn was being questioned by police he called that property manager, asking her to remove a blue duffel bag from his closet. That did not happen and police later recovered the bag that contained a picture of a little girl and the clothes Brunn was wearing when he murdered Jorelys.
After being questioned by police, Brunn confessed to sexually assaulting, and then murdering Jorelys and throwing her body in a dumpster.
Channel 2 reached out to the property management company and Rivera's attorney's and are waiting to hear back.
Rivera filed a similar suit last year and the management company told Channel 2 - at the time - that they do have a policy of putting employees and residents through background checks, including sex offender registries.

Brunn hanged himself with a sweatshirt while in his cell shortly after being transported to the Jackson State Prison.