Mother learns of daughter’s wreck via tracking app

A mother always knows.

Ericka Thompson knew something was wrong May 1 when her daughter’s car stopped moving as she tracked it on an app called Life 360, she told Channel 2 Action News.

Her only child, 18-year-old Angel Thompson, had stopped about 10 miles away from their Clayton County home. She was headed back to the University of West Georgia, where she was a freshman chemistry major.

Angel was on Ga. 166 in Carroll County, but the app showed she hadn’t moved in several minutes, Thompson told the news station.

So she climbed in her car and headed that way.

While on the way, Thompson called police, who told her they were working an accident in that area. They informed Thompson when she arrived that her daughter had died.

“I was on the way,” Thompson told Channel 2. “And she knew. She knew I was on the way.”

Angel lost control of her car and hydroplaned, crossing the center of the road and colliding with another car.

Thompson called herself a “helicopter mom” and said there is nothing wrong with tracking your children because anything can happen.

Now, she takes comfort only in knowing her daughter knew mom was on the way.

“In that moment that it was happening, I know she was like, ‘My mommy know where I am cause my momma track me every 5 minutes,’” Thompson said.

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