More sculptures set for Roswell public art

Three more outdoor works from the 2017 ArtAround Roswell sculpture tour have been added to the city’s long-term public art display, the Roswell Arts Fund announced. “Reception,” “Sweet Pops of Brilliance” and “Steady” will join “Sentience,” acquired last fall after local art lovers met a $10,000 fundraising challenge.

The Arts Fund’s purchase and gift to the city of Reception and Sweet Pops was made possible by donations by local businesses and residents; the group sought to raise at least $60,000 to acquire additional works. Steady was purchased by The Hagan Family Foundation.

Reception, by Nigerian artist Fred Ajanogha, is at the Roswell Riverwalk near the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Sweet Pops of Brilliance, by artist Craig Snyder, is in East Roswell Park. Steady, by artist Ben Pierce, will be on loan from the family foundation to the city for the 2018 ArtAround Roswell. It will remain at the East Trail entrance to Riverside Park through early 2019.

Sentience, by artist David Landis, is in the Heart of Roswell Park on Canton Street.