Milton resumes rentals of outdoor athletic facilities

Milton has announced that for the first time in months, it will resume rentals Monday of outdoor spaces and playing fields, though with some restrictions due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Reservations for Broadwell Pavilion, Friendship Community Park and other facilities can be made at: Bethwell Community Center and Community Place, next to City Hall, remain unavailable because they are indoor facilities.

To rent fields at Bell Memorial Park and the turf field at the Cox Road athletic complex, email Some fields are reserved certain times for sports programs like baseball and lacrosse.

The Cox Road grass fields are temporarily closed for summer maintenance and recovery. Court rentals at the Milton Tennis Center have been available for some time.

Outdoor rentals are available for groups of 50 people or fewer, and participants are encouraged to wear face coverings if they will be within six feet of each other for sustained periods. Information: