Metro news for Tuesday

The City of Dunwoody officially switched its 911 system from DeKalb County to ChatComm on Monday, joining Johns Creek and Sandy Springs as patrons of the service.

The Dunwoody City Council agreed to pay $3.2 million over three years for the service.

All police calls will be handled locally, but ChatComm will relay fire and ambulance calls to DeKalb County manually.

Dunwoody officials are pursuing a computer aided dispatch system that will speed up the time fire and ambulance calls are routed to DeKalb County, but that software is not expected until early 2012, city officials said. PATRICK FOX


Gov. Nathan Deal announced Monday that state Sen. Mitch Seabaugh, R-Sharpsburg, will be the next deputy state treasurer.

Seabaugh, who led the Senate's recent work to redraw the state's political maps, will report to new state treasurer Steve McCoy, who is being promoted from the deputy's position. Seabaugh leaves the Senate after serving 10 years.

Seabaugh has a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Southern Arkansas University and served as chief financial officer for a company in Newnan. Deal today will issue a writ to set a special election for Seabaugh's District 28 seat on Nov. 8.

McCoy has been deputy treasurer since August. From 1997-2010 he ran an investment advisory firm that worked with state and local governments. AARON GOULD SHENIN


Atlanta's John Marshall Law School says it is the first law school in the nation to allow students to submit applications through their smart phones or other mobile devices.

As of Monday, students could apply by typing "" into their smart phones or tablet browsers, the school said. Students still must mail in their transcripts, letters of recommendation and personal statement. But Alan Boyer, the school's associate dean of recruitment, said the new process "really is just about responding to the way students live their lives." BILL RANKIN


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