Metro news for Saturday

The Georgia Supreme Court on Friday upheld one conviction in a case involving a Gainesville man who used the moniker "catchmekiller" in YouTube videos and claimed he killed 16 people.

The court upheld Andrew Scott Haley's conviction for making false statements, but tossed his tampering with evidence conviction. He was sentenced to three years in custody for each count. In the videos, his face and voice obscured, Haley indicated he had information about a missing South Georgia beauty queen. When confronted by authorities, Haley admitted he was playing a hoax.



Gov. Nathan Deal announced Friday that he has transferred responsibilities of the state Military Affairs Coordinating Committee to the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

The governor, by executive order, moved the committee that since 1994 has coordinated the state's efforts with the federal Base Realignment and Closure and has supported the state's military bases and local economies.

The committee as constituted under the Chamber's leadership will be made up of public and private sector leaders as well as military officials and will continue to seek ways to attract new economic development to military communities and build support for the bases. AARON GOULD SHEININ


Georgia's Office of Consumer Protection has reached a settlement with Wavee US over claims the company misled customers on its website, the agency's administrator, John Sours, said Friday.

Wavee conducted "penny auctions" on its web site, but failed to send a number of products to consumers in a timely manner and failed to clearly disclose purchase terms on its site, the consumer office said. Under the settlement, Wavee will cease operations, provide $202,210 in consumer restitution and pay $50,000 in civil penalties and administrative expenses. BILL RANKIN


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