Ludacris’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium mic check: ‘That sounds about right’

Ludacris performed the first official mic check at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

A video of the unwavering Atlanta Falcons supporter testing out the audio system in the massive new facility was posted to the team’s Facebook page Wednesday.

“Rise up, Atlanta. This is our house. Our time. It’s almost here,” he says from a booth overlooking a mostly empty stadium, which will also be home to Atlanta United.

It’s not the hip-hop artist’s first time sharing inspirational thoughts about the team’s abilities.

In advance of the 2017 Super Bowl, Ludacris narrated a stirring 2 1/2-minute clip called "A City Waits." He also laid out all of the reasons he believed the Falcons would win on ESPN's "First Take" in Houston.

So what was Ludacris’ verdict of the new stadium’s sound system?

“Yeah, that sounds about right,” he says in the video, which has “Welcome to Atlanta”  playing throughout. “Just how I like it.”

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