Lists shows Atlanta Uber riders have lost golf clubs, a wedding band

Uber's Lost & Found Index, a snapshot of riders' most commonly forgotten items and the most surprising items left behind, is back.

The ridesharing company released the second annual index Thursday, including information specific to Atlanta. While some of the data doesn’t come as a big surprise — for instance, that the most frequently forgotten item in the city, and the country, is a phone — other things are more unusual.

Before we get to the lists, a quick shout out to Athens for being Uber’s second most forgetful city in the country, and the only Georgia city to make the top 10.

On we go...

Some unique items forgotten in Ubers in Atlanta, according to a news release: 


•Box of donuts


•MARTA Breeze Card

•Bag of groceries

•Braves tickets

•Wedding band

•Golf clubs

•Hair straightener

•Mic stand

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The top 10 most frequently forgotten items in Atlanta (compared to the country’s ranking): 

1. Phone (#1 in country)

2. Keys (#3 in country)

3. Wallet (#2 in country)

4. Clothing (#4 in country)

5. Glasses (#5 in country)

6. Bag (#6 in country)

7. Headphones (#9 in country)

8. Backpack (#7 in country)

9. ID/Drivers license (#10 in country)

10. Vape (#8 in country)

Uber introduced the index in 2017.

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