Lilburn accepts four new properties into CID

The Lilburn City Council voted Monday to accept four properties into the Lilburn Community Improvement District. Owners of these commercial parcels include SAWA Holdings LLC, CARR Properties, Caribe Management Group, and Jimmy Green. The total assessed value of the properties is $1,396,200 making their 40 percent assessed value $558,480. As part of their agreement to join the CID, these commercial property owners agree to an additional property tax of 5 mils, or about $2,000 on a $1 million property.

The Lilburn CID is a quasi-governmental entity formed by commercial property owners to work with local city, county and state governments to make improvements in the area surrounding their properties, beyond individual property lines. These members select their own board, set their self-taxing millage rate, and decide what projects will be funded. The Lilburn CID actively works to collect roadside trash and improve landscaping, initiate sidewalk installations, and is actively involved in intersection and public safety projects.

The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners must approve Lilburn’s resolution accepting the properties into the CID.