Lawrenceville approves seasonal outdoor sales at Collins Hill Walmart

The Lawrenceville City Council voted recently to approve a special use permit to allow seasonal outdoor sales and display of garden center products at the Walmart Supercenter, 630 Collins Hill Road. The bagged mulch, soil, and plants would be sold and displayed in the parking lot immediately in front of the garden center, at the western end of the store.

The approval comes with several conditions. The outdoor seasonal sales are limited to the garden center parking lot, may not exceed 30 parking spaces, and are limited to between March 15 and July 31 each year. Use of external storage racks attached along the western end of the garden center may be continued. All products must be neatly stacked or stored, and pine straw trailers may not be utilized. The proposed outdoor sales location would be located in an area not readily visible from neighboring properties or rights-of-way.