Lawrenceville approves body-worn cameras for police

The Lawrenceville City Council voted unanimously Monday to outfit Lawrenceville police officers with body-worn cameras. The department will use $161,297 in asset forfeiture funds to acquire 75 body cameras, nine in-car cameras and warranty packages that will supply each on-duty officer with the necessary equipment.

“It is important to us that our Lawrenceville Police Department is equipped with the appropriate technology to effectively protect and serve our community,” said Chuck Warbington, city manager. “We are eager to repurpose these seized funds for the benefit of our businesses, residents and visitors alike.”

Body-worn cameras are used to preserve evidence and provide an accurate account of activity for on-duty officers. Lawreneville’s purchase of Watch Guard Body cameras will come with the capability to record-after-the-fact, giving police the ability to retrieve video not previously recorded as an event.

“The Lawrenceville Police Department already maintains a high level of accountability with its officers. Having a video record of events while on-duty will support our regular routine and ability to serve the community,” said Chief Randy Johnson.