Kennesaw approves resurfacing of several streets

The Kennesaw City Council voted 5-0 Monday to resurface the City Hall parking lot and several streets for $237,198.

Bartow Paving Co. was the low bidder.

Streets to be resurfaced will be:

  • Lindley Lane from Winsburg Drive to the cul-de-sac
  • Saint Charles Lane from Jiles Road to cul- de-sac
  • McEverwood Trail from McEverwood Drive to Forest Grove Pass
  • McEverwood Drive from McEverwood Road to McEverwood Trace
  • Northgate Court from Northgate Way to the cul-de-sac
  • High Gate Court from Northgate Way to the cul-de-sac
  • Winthrop Downs from Kentmere Main to the cul-de-sac
  • Kennesaw Trace Court from McCollum Parkway to the cul-de-sac and
  • Westover Way from Kennesaw Due West Road to Westover Lane.