‘Jack Boys’ guilty of murder, rape

Three reputed members of the so-called “Jack Boys” gang on trial for a series of violent crimes in east Atlanta in 2010 were convicted Thursday afternoon.

A Fulton County jury returned guilty verdicts agains Tamario Wise, Robert Veal and Fernandez Whatley; all three had varied levels of participation in a month-long crime spree that included the Nov. 22 murder of Charles Boyer and the rape hours later of a Grant Park woman.

Wise, who was the youngest at 19, but purported to be the ring leader, was named on all charges of the 90-count indictment.

He and Veal were each convicted of murder, rape, sodomy, false imprisonment and several counts of felony murder – committing felonies that result in someone’s death – armed robbery and aggravated assault, among other charges, for their actions the night of Nov. 22 and following morning.

Whatley was found guilty, along with Wise, of hijacking a vehicle, armed robbery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and cruelty to children for a home invasion and robbery in the Benteen Park neighborhood on Nov. 27.

Whatley was not accused of the Nov. 22 crimes.

Each of the men was acquitted of a number of armed robberies in the indictment. But for the majority of the charges, guilty was the finding.

All were convicted of participating in criminal gang activity — a charge against someown who overtly claims membership in a gang or associates with one while committing a crime.

The jury was handed the case late Wednesday afternoon and completed deliberations Thursday around 1 p.m.

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