Marlon Ramirez paints the Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia, on Wednesday. It's undergoing its first real renovation in years.
Photo: Henry P. Taylor/AJC
Photo: Henry P. Taylor/AJC

Incubation progress report: Big Chicken gets fresh coat (of paint)

Y’all seen that recent video on the Internet of the big chicken that looks like it could kick every others chicken’s butt? It’s bananas.

But that’s not what this article is about.

This right here is about Marietta’s Big Chicken — the city’s most famous avian architecture — and how it’s renovation is coming along.

Crews were recently repainting the old bird as a part of the restaurant’s 12-week renovation announced just before the last week of January.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution got to tag along Wednesday with workers at 12 Cobb Parkway who hoisted themselves up 56 feet to paint the roadside icon. You can see the photos below.

Marietta's Big Chicken through the years 

KBP Foods, which owns the eatery, plans to overhaul its 60 other metro Atlanta KFCs that are, perhaps, less photogenic.

Michelle Doebele, a KBP spokeswoman, said the restaurant should re-open in late April or early May, which is a bit later than its original target of the second week of April.

Back in mid-February, demolition was complete and crews were working on constructing the restaurant’s new frame.

To Davey Vining of Venture Construction, this project is much more than just another business transaction, as he's been given the opportunity to give back to the community and help a construct that helped shape his childhood.
Video: Henry P. Taylor

These days, crews working on the interior — which will have a wall commemorating the store’s 54-year history — are installing the floor, putting up walls and installing electrical systems.

The exterior is getting its panels featuring “antique-looking” red and white stripes, Doebele said.

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Next, workers will install kitchen equipment and finish up signage, which includes a sign reading “The BIG Chicken” outside the already-can’t-miss building.

“The new Big Chicken really is going to be one of the greatest KFC locations in the world,” Doebele said.

Photos by Henry P. Taylor show how the project is coming along:

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