Housekeeper in Waffle House sex tape trial testifies: ‘I didn’t have a choice’

In an emotional testimony on Monday, Mye Brindle, the former housekeeper on trial over a secret sex tape she’s accused of making of Waffle House chairman Joe Rogers, accused him of assaulting her multiple times.

Brindle’s sexual encounters with Rogers — and specifically, whether they were consensual — are at the center of a six-year-long court process that went all the way to the Supreme Court last year. Brindle and her two lawyers are charged with unlawful surveillance over accusations they worked together to covertly record Brindle performing a sexual act on Rogers.

Brindle’s account of the encounters differed substantially from the testimony Rogers gave last week. The chairman has maintained his sexual relationship with Brindle was consensual, but Brindle emphasized that she feared losing her job if she refused him.

“I tried every way under the sun to not do it,” she said.

Brindle testified that she never explicitly told Rogers no, but said “I didn’t need to tell him. He knew.”

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