Homeowner says reflection from windows is melting side of home

Some Gwinnett County homeowners fear their homes will eventually catch fire as the siding on their homes continues to melt.
New two-story homes in the Alcovy Falls subdivision all have the same type of siding. The areas that are melting are not in direct sunlight -- it appears to be from next-door windows with reflective tint acting like a laser.
“It’s just aimed right at my home,” homeowner Quetta Walton said.
Walton said she first noticed the problem siding as soon as the weather began to heat up this spring. Authorities say a new home built next door with a window that has reflective coating on it is the culprit -- bouncing the sun’s rays right onto the same spot every day.
“It’s extremely hot. You can’t stand here in the day. You can’t. It’s just too hot,” Walton said.
Walton’s house is not the only one. At least two other nearby homes seem to be suffering the same fate -- a reflective window on one house melting siding on the house next door.

It’s a problem Channel 2 Action News has reported before. Thirty-two homes in a Cherokee County neighborhood had melted siding in 2010. The builder paid for replacements.
Walton has not had such luck.
The builder did not respond to Walton or Channel 2’s Tony Thomas’ calls.
“When I come home from work, I wonder if my house is going to be in flames,” Walton said.