Hold on, South Fulton: Atlanta annexes Cascade corridor

In an apparent move to keep the area from ending up inside the proposed city of South Fulton, the Atlanta City Council on Monday passed a series of ordinances annexing land along Cascade Road.

For unspecified reasons, two tracts did not get a final vote: the Cottages at Cascade and Regency Pointe. They will be the subject of a special called meeting of the City Council on June 28, a Council spokesman said.

Council Member Keisha Lance Bottoms introduced ordinances annexing Cascade Falls, Cascade Manor, Martin’s Park and other parcels. Generally speaking, the area extends from the vicinity of Cascade Road and Interstate 285 west along Cascade. It is bounded on the east, north and south by the city of Atlanta.

The annexations must be completed before July 1, or the area will become part of the map for South Fulton. Residents will vote on incorporating that city in November.

Atlanta is taking the area in under the state’s “60 percent rule.” This rule allows a municipality to annex land if at least 60 percent of property owners and 60 percent of voters petition to be annexed, according to the Georgia Municipal Association.