Henry County schools struggle in Milestones tests

Milestones tests are pegged to our new academic standards.

No Henry County school scored higher than 50 percent proficient in third-grade English language arts or eighth-grade math, according to the 2018 Georgia Milestones results released by the state Friday.

The Milestones are standardized tests that were first administered in 2015. Test scores place students in four categories: beginning learner, developing leader, proficient learner and distinguished learner.

Students who can’t read by third grade are likely to struggle academically, making that testing year a significant one that can predict future student success. While Henry County’s results indicate that some schools made gains from 2017, the district still has a long way to go.

Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis said in a statement that the results "do not represent the best we can do."

“We know that these results are not indicative of the tremendous efforts made every day by our teachers, leaders, and students, but instead signal a need for district leadership to provide clarity for our educators on what teachers will teach and students will learn,” Davis said.

The statement also included a link to its district performance data tables.

The 10 of 28 elementary schools in Henry County that posted the highest percentage of students in third-grade English language arts on the 2018 tests are:

Timber Ridge Elementary School: 50 percent proficient; up 76.7 from 2017

East Lake Elementary School: 47.2 percent proficient; up 4.4 from 2017

Ola Elementary School: 43.8 percent proficient; up 5.3 from 2017

Mount Carmel Elementary School: 41.1 percent proficient; up 71.3 from 2017

Rock Spring Elementary School: 37.5 percent proficient; down 4.6 percent from 2017

Pate's Creek Elementary School: 37.3 percent proficient; up 7.2 percent from 2017

Locust Grove Elementary School: 34.8 percent proficient; up 23.8 percent from 2017

Unity Grove Elementary School: 34.2 percent proficient; up 45.5 percent from 2017

New Hope Elementary School: percent proficient; 34.1 percent proficient; up 18 percent from 2017

Fairview Elementary School: 34 percent proficient; down 15.8 percent from 2017

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Here are the Henry County middle school scores in eighth-grade math on the 2018: 

Union Grove Middle School: 42.3 percent proficient;  down 20.6 percent from 2017

Ola Middle School: 35.5 percent proficient; down 27.3 percent from 2017

Dutchtown Middle School: 34 percent proficient; up 10.4 percent from 2017

Woodland Middle School: 27.3 percent proficient; up 1.9 percent from 2017

Hampton Middle School: 27.1 percent proficient; up 292.8 percent from 2017

Eagle's Landing Middle School: 11.9 percent proficient; down 36 percent from 2017

Luella Middle School: 9.3 percent proficient; down 24.4 percent from 2017

Austin Road Middle School: 7.7 percent proficient; down 38.9 percent from 2017

Henry County Middle School: 6.9 percent proficient; up 146.4 percent from 2017

Locust Grove Middle School: 6.8 percent proficient; down 44.7 percent from 2017

Stockbridge Middle School: 4.1 percent proficient; down 63.7 percent from 2017

Excel Academy: 0 percent proficient; down 100 percent from 2017

Newsroom Data Specialist Jennifer Peebles and Jacquelyn Elias contributed to this article.