Health inspector docks DeKalb McDonald’s for ‘pink slime’ on soda machine

The restaurant passed its follow-up inspection with a score of 99.
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The restaurant passed its follow-up inspection with a score of 99.

A McDonald’s in DeKalb County failed its health inspection earlier this week, as a report noted there was a slimy substance on the self-serve soda dispenser.

The McDonald’s at 2636 Wesley Chapel Road scored a 59 during its Tuesday inspection. Notably, during a follow-up inspection one day later, it easily passed with a 99.

“The health and safety of our customers and employees are top priorities, which includes operating a safe and clean restaurant,” John Tamasi, the owner and operator of the franchise, said in a statement. “We acted quickly to address the issues and the restaurant was re-opened the next day receiving a 99 score from the Georgia Department of Public Health.”

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Georgia has rules it requires every food service operation to follow. These are just a few of the many health and safety regulations. Food service operations without a permit are illegal. Employees must know how to prevent foodborne illness and the symptoms of those illnesses. Food must be kept at the correct temperatures to prevent pathogens from growing. Employees must meet standards of cleanliness while working around food. If health laws are not met, the food service's permit may be suspended.

During the first checkup, an inspector observed “a whitish pink slime like debris on the dispensing nozzle of the drink machine,” and several other violations. She noticed raw chicken breast stored in direct contact with raw, frozen beef patties and food preparation tables with “build-up and food debris,” according to the report.

In the back of the restaurant, there was a pool of unclean, dirty water on the floor, the inspector noted. Almost all of the violations were corrected during the Tuesday inspection.

It wasn’t the first time this year the location failed a health inspection. In February, in scored a 46. The next day, it passed a follow-up inspection with an 88.

The fast-food chain is located on Wesley Chapel just off I-20 at Exit 68.

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