Headless goat found in NW Atlanta neighborhood

A headless goat found in a northwest Atlanta neighborhood is the latest in a string of animal mutilations during the past two years, neighbors said.

"I thought it was a dog," said Veronica Borders of the dead animal. "My daughter said, ‘Mama, it's a goat with the head cut off.'"

The goat was the second found near the intersection of Adkins Road and Fairburn Place. But residents have seen plenty of chickens killed and even a turtle, Eric Jackson told the AJC.

"There's always something out here," Jackson said. "The head will be turned one way and the body another."

Jackson said he grew up in the neighborhood and thinks someone is trying to scare or intimidate those who live there.

"This is not a prank," Jackson said. "This is not something that's funny."

Jackson said he has reported the incidents to Atlanta police and animal control officials, but the mutilations have continued. Atlanta police have not yet responded to a request for information regarding the animal deaths.

Borders said she worries about the health risks of the dead animals being found in an area where children pass daily to walk to school. Plus, neighbors want to know where the animals are coming from, since no one is aware of a farm nearby.

"We don't know where the goat came from. We don't know where the chickens came from," Borders said. "This is not funny at all."