Gwinnett goat forced to ingest cocaine, whiskey gets rescued

Gwinnett goat forced to ingest cocaine, whiskey gets rescued

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Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office
The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department said a goat forced to ingest cocaine and whiskey has been rescued.
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  • Two men held a goat and forced cocaine in its nostrils and whiskey in its mouth.
  • A Gwinnett County man was arrested after sharing the video on social media.
  • The goat was given a clean bill of health and adopted from a shelter.

A story about an abused animal has a happy ending.

After arresting Grayson horse trainer Sergio Palomares-Guzman on charges related to forcing a goat to consume cocaine and whiskey, Gwinnett officials announced the goat has a new home.

Sergio Palomares-Guzman has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

The 28-year-old allegedly held the goat’s horns while a second man put cocaine in the goat’s nostril and whiskey in the goat’s mouth, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

Palomares-Guzman shared the video on social media and was arrested after a tipster contacted police.

Authorities said they believe the men live in North Carolina. 

The owner of the New Hope Road ranch where Palomares-Guzman worked and where the incident took place had no knowledge of the incident, authorities said.

The goat was rescued by SNAP2IT and is living on a cat farm in Dacula, Director Kyla Jones said. 

He needs to gain some more weight, but is doing well, she said.

Jones plans to have the goat leash trained so he can participate in events at the farm.

“We want him to have a happy life with lots of attention and fresh fruits and veggies daily,” Jones said.

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