Gwinnett County names newest high schools for retiring board members

Gwinnett County Public Schools is putting the names of two long-serving school board members on two new high schools to honor them.

The themed high school opening in the Meadowcreek Cluster in August 2019 will be called McClure Health Science High School in honor of Dr. Robert McClure. A dermatologist practicing in Lilburn since 1980, McClure, has served as the school board representative for District IV from 1995 until his retirement from the board in December of 2018.

The second new themed high school for the Mill Creek Cluster doesn’t have a projected opening date, but it will it will named Daniel D. Seckinger High School after the board member who served 24 years in District II in northern Gwinnett County.

The school board appointed Nicole Mosley as the principal the what will be McClure Health Science High School earlier this year. She has been with Gwinnett County schools for 22 years, most recently as principal of Berkmar Middle School. The high school will provide students with a college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on health science: combining coursework with practical experiences. Meadowcreek High School in the same cluster will longer host a health sciences academy, as all those classes will be moved to the new school.

Students had until Dec. 14 to register. Broad areas include medical research, clinical practice and health management. Like other themed schools, it will offer internships, hands-on learning and opportunities to earn certifications so students will get a jump on future careers.

Much like the Paul Duke STEM High School, the first year at McClure High will be limited to students in the Meadowcreek Cluster, offering relief to Meadowcreek High School which at 3,378 student is currently over capacity. However, if the school has slots available after its initial registration period, it will accept transfers from students who attend other Gwinnett high schools. However, transportation will not be provided for out-of-cluster students.

Seckinger High School was recently approved when the $350 million General Obligation bond was passed in November.

The school board was eager to put the Mill Creek cluster project on its new building list to help alleviate the continuing growth in the number of students it serves. Gwinnett had projected 1,000 new students. but it grew by about half of that number.