DA: Gun not Jasmine Lynn murder weapon

A gun found on a man implicated by Jasmine Lynn’s convicted murderer was not used to kill the Spelman student in September, authorities said Tuesday.

Police arrested Clarence Carter last week in Union City with a stolen gun and more than an ounce of marijuana, police said.

The gun, a Glock 22, was stolen in October from Atlanta, police said.

And the murder weapon, said to have been a Ruger .9 mm, was never recovered.

A jury found Devonni Benton guilty  of murdering Lynn during a February trial, even though Benton told jurors that Carter was the shooter.

From the stand, Carter admitted to previously lying about having been at the scene, but adamantly denied ever having a gun, much less on that night.

Tuesday, Atlanta Police crime lab director Chris Robinson also pointed out that the gun taken from Carter was  different from the type of gun that killed Lynn.

“We’re dealing with two different calibers,” Robinson said of the Ruger and the Glock.

The Glock found on Carter was a .40 caliber weapon, police said.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Jr complained about reports that surfaced Monday suggesting Carter may have had more to do with Lynn's murder than was found during initial investigation and the trial.

At a press conference Tuesday, Howard said the case was closed in February with Benton's conviction, leaving little room for questioning the outcome.

“Apparently, there is some grasping of straws, even after the case is closed,” Howard said. “This case was skillfully tried. These sort of allegations don’t need to keep coming up raising unnecessary questions.

I hope that for (Lynn’s) family’s sake, that they can have some semblance of closure.”