VIDEO: No worriessssss: Meet Georgia's non-venomous snakes

Georgia snakes: Slithery, yes. Venomous, no. Don’t fear these harmless reptiles

It’s summer in Georgia and everybody’s outside to enjoy the warm (okay, hot) temps, green grass and sunny days. That includes snakes, who have spent the winter brumating in their dens -- not hibernating, but becoming much less active, which is why they’re out of sight during the chillier months.

But they’re back on the move now and odds are many will meet with the sharp end of a hoe when they run into someone working in the yard. That’s unfortunate since most snakes in the Atlanta area that you’ll see are likely non-venomous and aren’t seeking out confrontation with anything that won’t make for a good dinner (insects, rats, delicacies like that).

If you run across a brown snake in your yard, let it alone so it can enjoy its lunch. (It’s probably snacking on insects.)
Photo: SRELHerp/UGA

Sure, Georgia has its fair share of venomous snakes and it’s best to avoid them or, if you find yourself in the vicinity of them, let them be and move away from them. That’s a good idea when you meet up with non-venomous snakes, too (which is far more likely), and here are some that you might encounter as the weather warms up. 

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