Georgia police investigating $98,000 ramen noodles heist

Police investigating ramen noodle heist in Georgia Nearly $100,000 worth of ramen noodles was stolen in Fayette County last month, police confirmed. The brand was not specified in the police report. As of Aug. 15, there have been no updates to the investigation, Lt. Allen Stevens of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office told The AJC.

Fayette County officials have confirmed reports regarding a $98,000 ramen noodle heist.

The incident occurred about three weeks ago, Lt. Allen Stevens with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

While some outlets are reporting the investigation involves a string of robberies, including multiple car break-ins and one motorcycle theft, Stevens told The AJC that's not the case.

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The noodles were stolen from a trailer parked at a Chevron at 1552 S Highway 85 in Fayetteville. There have been no updates on the heist as of Wednesday afternoon, Stevens said.

The police report did not specify the brand of noodles.

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Fun fact: A single packet of Maruchan Ramen typically costs less than 30 cents at your local grocery store. With $100,000, one could devour more than 300,000 noodle-packed meals, though such a regimen would likely not be doctor-approved.

"Between the preservatives and the packaging, instant noodles are a minefield of potential health problems. The more you eat, the worse it is," Food Revolution reported, citing research from a 2014 Baylor University study that found a link between high consumption of instant noodles and increased risk of metabolic changes linked to heart disease, diabetes and stroke.