Georgia Aquarium's sea lion #MannequinChallenge is the best thing you'll see all day

Stop what you're doing and watch this adorable video featuring Georgia Aquarium sea lions participating in the viral #MannequinChallenge sensation.

Georgia Aquarium shared the video on Twitter, writing: "Our sea lions did the (almost) perfect #mannequinchallenge."

The viral #MannequinChallenge involves participants holding frozen poses and standing still—just like a mannequin—to capture their dramatic stills on film.

The craze started in late October when a group of students sat motionless in different poses in a 45-second video posted to Twitter with the misspelled hashtag #manquinchallenge.

The videos are set to the song "Black Beatles" by rap duo Rae Sremmurd. According to The Telegraph, the duo participated in the video meme during a concert in Denver when they asked the crowd to stay still while they recorded.

Now celebrities, sports stars and even staffers at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution have joined the internet craze. Watch below:

Some AJC staffers took a stab at the latest internet craze: the mannequin challenge. (Erica A. Hernandez/AJC)