Forsyth school buses equipped with stop-arm cameras

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office was to begin using a new tool Monday, April 30, to identify and ticket motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses.

The sheriff will use video images captured by school bus stop-arm cameras to spot violators who disregard the flashing lights and extended “stop” arm of a bus.

The camera detects a passing vehicle and records it, its license plate and the bus’ extended stop arm and wirelessly uploads the evidence of violation. If law enforcement approves it, a citation is issued and mailed to the vehicle owner. The fine is $300 for the first offense.

“There is really never any reason to pass a stopped school bus, which seriously endangers our children,” according to an announcement by the sheriff and the Forsyth County School District. “Citizens have repeatedly expressed their concerns regarding drivers passing school buses, so the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office partnered with Forsyth County schools to implement this system.”