East Cobb woman says video shows 4 coyotes roaming her snowy backyard

Lisa Alexander Reed didn’t expect to get all National Geographic when she got a security camera for Christmas.

But that gift captured something special Wednesday morning: what appears to be four coyotes roaming around her snowy East Cobb backyard.

“Sounds like quite a few back there with all the howling,” said the Marietta native. “Now we get to see the wildlife.”

Reed said she has seen coyotes once before on her property, which is near Sewell Mill and Johnson Ferry roads.

But she’s conflicted about the critters.

“I have mixed feeling about them because I love animals, but they killed my cat,” she said.

Reed explained she believes her cat was killed by coyotes five years ago around Thanksgiving.

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She said a neighbor called her saying they’d found “Kitty Reed” torn to pieces and put the cat’s remains in a Mr. Coffee Box by the garage.

“I know they’re only doing what they know to do,” she said of the coyotes.

Her husband buried the 12-year-old cat. “He was slowing down,” she said.

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