Duluth amends budget for inspections of The Block

The Duluth City Council recently approved budget amendments to provide appropriate oversight for the expenditure of the Series 2015 Revenue Bonds for The Block Development Project.

Duluth’s Downtown Development Authority has entered into two contracts with Hill, Foley Rossi & Associates to perform periodic site inspections and review and verification of the vendor pay applications for both Dreamland BBQ and Fabric Developers. This will ensure work is inspected and issues are addressed in a timely manner, subcontractors have received payment, and payment requests are for work already completed.

The first contract is for $7,000 and covers Dreamland BBQ inspections and the second contract for $14,775 and covers Fabric Development inspections. The first contract was completed prior to June 30 and will require a FY16 budget amendment. The second contract was only 25 percent complete by June 30 and will require a FY16 and FY17 budget amendments.

Funding for the contract will come from the DDA’s prior year reserves.