‘I don't know how many I took’ says ex-animal hospital worker accused of stealing pet pain meds

A former Forsyth County animal hospital employee is facing charges after police say she stole more than 175 pet pain medications.

Danielle Crescenzo allegedly took 177 Tramadol pills from the South Forsyth Animal Hospital on Old Alpharetta Road, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The 22-year-old woman changed her story multiple times, saying she didn’t steal anything and later admitting she’d had a sore back, according to the arrest report.

She allegedly paid for the pills prescribed for her dog by a veterinarian who hasn’t worked at the business for more than a year.

Customer Steve Burger, who volunteers at the animal hospital, told Channel 2 he wasn’t too surprised.

“People who have access to (pain meds) ... if they’re addicted to it, they’re going to take it no matter what,” Burger said.

Tramadol is a low-dose opioid medication given to dogs in moderate to severe pain.

“Did I take 177 pills of Tramadol?” Crescenzo asked police. “I do not know how many I took.”

Later, she said she filled a 7-gram pill bottle with the drug but swore that couldn’t have been 177 pills, the report states.

Crescenzo faces felony drug distribution of controlled sunstances charges.

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