Dog rescued from burning home by firefighter in Fulton

It was almost a doggone tragedy.

Frisky the dog was found unconscious in a burning East Point home after fire from overcooked spaghetti in the microwave spread to the kitchen cabinets, city spokeswoman Shannon Wiggins said Wednesday.

Once Frisky and another dog were rescued from the Scenic Drive home, East Point Firefighter Gerrell Lilly “immediately sprang into action and began CPR compressions on the lifeless dog,” Wiggins said of Lilly’s actions during the March 20 fire.

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Credit: City of East Point

Credit: City of East Point

"A few minutes later, (Frisky) was up barking and wagging ... The family describes their dogs as their 'babies.' So, they were very thankful for Lilly's quick thinking and dedication," the Georgia Department of Insurance wrote on Facebook on Friday.

Georgia’s Safety Fire Commissioner Jim Beck honored Lilly during his regular “Firefighter Friday” with a proclamation congratulating the firefighter for the good work.

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