UPDATE: Bird dies after beak gets caught in fishing line at park

A great blue heron has died after its beak got stuck in fishing line at a DeKalb County park.

The bird was rescued from Murphey Candler Park in Brookhaven on Wednesday, and initial signs indicated the bird might survive, according to a Facebook post from the Atlanta Audubon Society.

But Lissie Stahlman, an Audubon Society member who had been watching the bird, said Thursday that the malnourished bird had died.

Closeup photos showed the bird’s beak tied shut with string and hooks. It was unable to eat or drink, but was still flying around. It was initially too strong to catch, but Stahlman and other community members continued to monitor it for several days.

The bird eventually became weak enough to rescue, and it was taken to the Atlanta Wildlife Animal Rescue Effort facility in Stonecrest on Wednesday, the Audubon Society said.

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