DeKalb partners with Georgia Piedmont Tech to reduce sewer spills

DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management met with Georgia Piedmont Technical College to develop a “No FOG, No Clog” program for its English as a Second Language students, according to a press release. DWM will facilitate six Fats, Oils & Grease presentations to almost 300 students in the ESL program at the college.

The DWM Public Outreach Department will design and create presentations focused on best management practices for FOG disposal.

In accordance with the campaign message, students will receive the following tools to best dispose of FOG:

  • Funnels to pour cooled grease into a container
  • Scrapers to remove food particles and residue from plates and pans
  • FOG brochures
  • Medical waste disposal brochures

Because nearly 60 percent of all spills are caused by cooking oils and bacon grease being poured down sink drains, DWM is educating residents and business owners to help change behaviors and reduce sewer spills.

FOG occurs when cooking fats are poured down drains and coat the inside of pipes to eventually form a blockage. In response to the number of clogs caused by grease and to maintain compliance with EPA regulations, DWM began a Fats, Oils and Grease Program to educate residents on the hazards of grease clogs in the sewer systems.