DeKalb County to launch new glass recycling program

DeKalb County will launch a new glass recycling program.

DeKalb County will launch a new glass recycling program.

The DeKalb County Sanitation Division is launching a new glass recycling drop-off program 10 a.m. July 13 at the Sanitation Division administration building, 3720 Leroy Scott Drive, Decatur.

All recycling collected at the drop-off locations will be used for manufacturing new glass containers and fiberglass. Before dropping off glass containers, residents should rinse all food and liquids. Only food and beverage glass containers that are blue, green, clear or brown glass will be accepted. The drop-off locations will not accept pane glass, light bulbs, ceramic glass or non-beverage and non-food containers.

The DeKalb County Sanitation Division’s glass recycling drop-off program offers 16 locations where county-operated glass recycling containers will be placed in parks, recreation centers, fire stations, libraries and Target store parking lots.