Crimes of Cobb: Man beats woman because he didn’t like what she cooked

Nearly everyone agreed that oranges, apples, oatmeal and chicken could safely be described as healthy, and also agreed that chocolate chip cookies, bacon, white bread and soda could not.

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Nearly everyone agreed that oranges, apples, oatmeal and chicken could safely be described as healthy, and also agreed that chocolate chip cookies, bacon, white bread and soda could not.

This is a roundup of recent crimes of note in Cobb County. It is based on arrest warrants, police reports and jail records. At this point, these are allegations by law enforcement.

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A car with drugs, guns and $10K in tow

Police allegedly found just under 1½ pounds of marijuana, four grams of THC oil and about a ½ gram of MDMA/ecstasy during a traffic stop.

There were also a couple of handguns, a scale, multiple empty plastic bags and about $10,000 in the car, according to a police warrant, which led to a drug trafficking charge.

The 2013 Mercedes Benz had the wrong license plate and there was no insurance or registration for the vehicle, police said.

But it isn’t clear from the warrant why the police searched the driver’s car at I-75 and Cumberland Boulevard overnight Friday.

Jail records indicate that the man, whose address shows he lives in west Atlanta near the Cobb border, bonded out for $33,220.

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Police said a Marietta man drunkenly made a mess inside a QuikTrip over the weekend.

According to a warrant, the man — with glassy eyes and smelling of booze — walked into the QT at 640 Franklin Gateway about 1 a.m. Saturday and started cursing after seeing a police officer there.

The man got an alcoholic beverage from the store and “tossed it to the floor while waiting in line,” the officer wrote.

When the cop tried to arrest the man, he scratched the officer’s face and hands. Public drunkenness is a misdemeanor, but obstruction of justice is a felony.

As of Thursday, records showed that the man remained in jail with a bond of $5,720.

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Misdemeanor waste of cake?

An alleged domestic argument led a Kennesaw man to throw birthday cake at a two-year-old boy and a woman, police said.

According to a police warrant, the man admitted to throwing the cake and a toy block Sunday.

He bonded out the same day for $2,970 on his four misdemeanor charges, none of which were for wasting cake.

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Officer’s finger dislocated by suspect

A man accused of threatening a woman with a kitchen knife was not easy to arrest last week.

He was in Cobb jail without bond as of Thursday and had been there since May 9.

According to a police warrant, he came out of his Smyrna home with the knife, held it up to the window of a woman’s car and said “get out of my driveway or I will stab you.”

It isn’t clear if they knew each other, but the warrant did not indicate that this was a domestic situation.

While putting him in the back of a patrol car, the man started kicking. When cops tried to restrain him, he fought back and dislocated an officer’s left ring finger, according to the warrant.

The man faces multiple felony charges.

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Oatmeal attack

A Smyrna man allegedly beat a woman because she had “only cooked oatmeal for breakfast” and hadn’t replied to his texts, according to a police warrant.

The warrant categorized this as a domestic violence incident.

The man allegedly “yanked her across the floor” and grabbed her neck while she was on the floor, the warrant reads. The woman told cops she bit the man to get him off of her.

She also said her two-year-old son was nearby so she grabbed the boy hoping that would stop the man from hurting her, but he pushed her against a chair while she was holding the toddler.

The man bonded out later that day for $3,520 on his two misdemeanor charges.

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