Cops: Man exposed genitals to teen in Gwinnett Kroger parking lot

A man exposed himself to a teenage girl in a Kroger parking lot on Wednesday, the Gwinnett County Police Department said.

Lorenzo Bernard Salter has been charged with public indecency and cruelty to children. Police say a 16-year-old Snellville Kroger employee was collecting carts in the parking lot when she saw Salter urinating on the ground in broad daylight. With his genitals exposed, he turned towards the teenage girl, looked her in the eye and smiled as he continued to urinate, a police report said.

When the girl returned to the parking lot of the Centerville Highway grocery store, Salter approached her in his car and asked if she “needed any help,” the report said. The girl returned to the store, told a coworker what happened and called the police.

The girl was distraught when she told police what happened, and a coworker said she had been crying.

When police found Salter, he was still in the Kroger parking lot, sitting in a green car that matched the one the girl described. Salter smelled of alcohol, and the officer told him he “probably didn’t think anyone would see him relieving himself” earlier. Salter told the officer he had urinated somewhere, but wouldn’t specify where. He admitted to talking to the girl, but not to exposing himself to her.

Salter is being held in the Gwinnett County jail on $4,250 bond. The cruelty to children charge was levied becasue the employee was under 18 years old.

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