Cops: GBI agent threatened girlfriend with gun in Gwinnett home

Agie Abraham George, 38, has been charged with battery and kidnapping.
Agie Abraham George, 38, has been charged with battery and kidnapping.

Credit: Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent put a gun down his girlfriend’s pants and refused to let her leave his home, putting her in fear for her life, a Gwinnett County police report says.

Agie Abraham George, 38, was arrested April 23 on charges of kidnapping and battery, records show. He was suspended without pay on April 25, and then requested to use his accrued paid leave while on suspension, GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles said. That request was approved.

George and his girlfriend got into an argument over the phone around 9 p.m. on April 21. The next day, she went to his Lawrenceville home to get her things and end the relationship. They began to argue again and George “got in [the victim’s] face,” she told police. He then made motions as if he were going to hit her, and said he was “disappointed” when she didn’t flinch, according to the police report.

When the victim tried to exit through the garage, George pulled her back into the house and closed the door, the report says. George then took out a gun, removed a magazine and cycled the chamber; the victim did not know if the gun was still loaded, she told police.

George put the gun down the victim’s pants, then removed it and “said something about him placing the gun in his waistband,” the report says. The victim grabbed some of her things from the living room and tried to leave out the front door, but George grabbed her by the arm and slammed the door repeatedly on her back , the report says. George pulled the woman back inside and she began to scream for help before she was finally able to leave the home, according to the report.

Immediately after leaving George’s home, the victim told a neighbor who is a retired police officer what had happened. The neighbor called police.

An officer saw multiple scratches on the victim’s arms and bruises on her wrist and back. Two days later, bruises were also found on her thighs.

The victim told the officer that George had been abusive toward her before, citing an incident that had occurred in Alabama. She also told the officer that George had put the gun down her pants multiple times previously.

George turned himself in to Gwinnett County police shortly after midnight on April 23. He was released on $7,000 bond two hours later.

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