Cops: Boston model robbed after befriending N. Fulton stranger

A Boston man in metro Atlanta on a casting call with his modeling agency was robbed at gunpoint after befriending a stranger, according to an Alpharetta police incident report.

Israel Sanchez, 26, told police Tuesday he was walking back to his hotel from a bar the afternoon prior when he met a man “who identified himself as Dutch.”

Dutch, 24, was was leaving a convenience store and asked Sanchez for a cigarette, the report says. They struck up a conversation and Sanchez invited Dutch to his hotel room, where they had a few drinks.

The pair left the Hampton Inn on Westside Way to meet Dutch’s friends, with Sanchez following him as they walked through “side parks, wooded areas and small neighborhoods for about 45 minutes.”

Sanchez told police he was then attacked from behind by about five males, the smallest of whom pointed a black pistol at his head and ordered him on his knees. The others took his cell phone, iPod and wallet from his pockets, threw his keys on the grass and left, according to the report.

The report says Sanchez and Dutch then walked to “the first thing they saw,” a McDonalds, when Dutch told Sanchez to wait for him. The report does not mention whether Dutch was also robbed during the incident.

Sanchez, suspicious he’d been set up, took a cab to his hotel.

He didn’t immediately file a police report because “he did not think we would find the offenders,” but had to do so in order to get a replacement bank card, the report notes.

The value of stolen items was about $840.

The case is under investigation and no arrests have been made, according to an Alpharetta police spokesman.

The phone number listed on the report for Sanchez is not valid, and other attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.