Commuter strikes, kills bobcat in Fairburn

A Fairburn bobcat had a fatal encounter with a commuter early Thursday, becoming wedged in the motorist’s grille after being hit.

Shameika Allison told Channel 2 Action News she was driving to work when she hit something on Highway 74 as she approached Senoia Road. She had no idea what she’d struck until she made her way to a gas station.

“So when I got into the BP parking lot, everyone was like, ‘Oh my God. What is that,’ you know? And I was just sitting there. I was like, ‘I don’t know! I hit it!’”

The bobcat managed to free itself of the grille and make its way onto a sidewalk. A spokesperson for Noah’s Ark Critter Catcher told Channel 2 that the animal died before it could be euthanized.