Cobb County doctor, assistant indicted after two patient deaths

Nedra Dodds and Kevin McCowan (Credit: Cobb County Sheriffs)
Nedra Dodds and Kevin McCowan (Credit: Cobb County Sheriffs)

A Cobb County cosmetic surgery doctor was indicted Thursday on felony murder and other charges.

Dr. Nedra Dodds and her assistant, Kevin McCowan, were indicted by a grand jury in the 2013 deaths of two patients seen at Dodds’ Opulence Aesthetic Medicine practice.

An April 2013 police report, uncovered by Channel 2 Action News, said April Jenkins, of Savannah, died after a fat-transfer procedure.

The report said Jenkins fell onto the bed and made “odd moaning noises” after waking up from the surgery. The report also said she went into full cardiac arrest. Police said doctors worked on Jenkins for 10 minutes and then called 9-1-1.

“The facts of this case, the circumstances of this case are extremely troubling,” District Attorney Vic Reynold told Channel 2 Action News.

In June 2013, Police said firefighters arrived at Dodds’ practice to find Miami businesswoman Erica Beaubrun lying in a pool of blood after a buttocks reduction procedure removing silicone implants.

Like Jenkins, police said emergency medical technicians found that Beaubrun also went into cardiac arrest. It was also noted that 22 minutes had elapsed before emergency service personnel were called.

The Opulence Aesthetic Medicine clinic has since closed and, after a 2015 hearing, the state revoked Dodds’ medical license.

Dodds and McCowan face two counts of murder, aggravated battery and theft by deception.

“Regardless of who you are, what you are, what you do, that if you do acts that are criminal in nature, that there will be a day when you’re held accountable for that,” Reynolds told Channel 2 Action News.

Channel 2 Action News received a text from Dodds’ lawyer saying neither he nor his client had any comment.

Jenkins’ family has since filed a civil suit that is scheduled to go to trial later this year, Channel 2 Action News said.