Cobb could ease residential parking restrictions

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners voted 4-0 Tuesday, Oct. 20, to make an exemption to their code for residential parking.

Commission Chairman Tim Lee was absent.

Otherwise, John Hyle was faced with having to get rid of one of his children’s cars to meet the county code, allowing the parking of three vehicles in a driveway — even though he is allowed to have seven cars, based on the size of his house, at 390 square feet per vehicle, also according to county law.

Cited with a code violation and having to pay an application fee of $150 for a temporary land use permit, Hyle told the commissioners his two-car garage was too small to house two of his family’s five cars.

When Commissioner JoAnn Birrell made a motion to give Hyle 12 months to come into compliance with the county’s code, Commissioner Bob Ott offered a substitute motion that will allow Hyle to keep all of his cars until March 15 when the commissioners may have a new code in place.

Ott said, “This is ridiculous. I am not going to support telling him he has to sell one of his kid’s cars.”

If he is directed, Dana Johnson, director of the Cobb County Community Development Agency, told the commissioners he could have this code change on their next agenda instead of waiting until January and February public hearings when the code changes undergo their biannual review.