Cherokee commissioner wants motorcycle legislation

Cherokee County Commissioner Karen Bosch asked state legislators from the county last Monday to support or sponsor a bill that will require motorcycle drivers less than 26 years old to complete a driving course before obtaining a license.

The legislators meet with county officials yearly to hear local ideas and concerns.

Bosch, whose son Kevin Mahurin died in a 2008 motorcycle accident, gave them a draft of the legislation she has been working on for about a year. She has also talked to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety and other legislators and said she is getting positive response.

She wants motorcycle drivers to understand the bill is not punitive.

"This is not to blame them. Motorcycle drivers need defensive driving because [drivers of] cars are not aware of them. It's to help them drive more defensively," she said.

Bosch said young people can buy motorcycles with no money down and no parental involvement.

"This combination is creating a deadly situation on Georgia highways," she said in a letter to the legislators.

--Christopher Quinn