Check in Cobb to see how long you’ll wait in early voting lines

Voting is your civic duty. But it's also everyone else's civic duty. And that leads to lines, especially during these 2018 midterms that have people across the country interested in Georgia.

If you're trying to zip in and zip out of a polling place, there's nothing worse than a big 'ol line. But Cobb County has a tool to show you the current wait times during these midterm elections.

County data shows that 1,289 people voted in person in Cobb the first day of early voting, Monday, Oct. 15. Folks waited two hours in line that day at the county's elections office in Marietta.

For an easy look at which precincts are open when, all the times and dates for other early voting locations in Cobb can be found here.

You can check out the map tool here that shows wait times.

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