Census: More people live in Cobb than these U.S. states

A look at Marietta Square in May 2012.

A look at Marietta Square in May 2012.

Cobb County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Georgia, according to recently released U.S. Census Bureau data.

But y'all already knew that from looking around during rush hour these past few years.

What may not be obvious is that more people live in Cobb than a district of Columbia (you’ll never guess which) and three states.

Cobb’s July 2016 population was estimated at 748,150 by the Census. In 2010 it was 689,697. That’s an 8.48 percent increase.

That puts Cobb at the 18th spot when it comes to which of the state’s 159 counties grew the fastest — impressive considering it is also the state’s third most populated county behind Gwinnett then Fulton.

Not only is Cobb growing, it's changing.

Remember, President Donald Trump lost Cobb to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 6,800 votes in November.

Cobb hadn’t voted for a Democrat in a presidential race since son of the Peach State Jimmy Carter took it in 1976. The county has been fertile Republican ground for support and cash over the years.

And Cobb makes for a good stronghold, with 13.78 percent of the state's 10.3 million residents, according to that Census data from July 2016.

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When stacked up next to the rest of the country, Cobb has more residents than the following places:

  • Alaska (741,894)
  • Washington, D.C. (681,170)
  • Vermont (624,594)
  • Wyoming (585,501)

The Census data surprisingly did not include any analysis showing that Cobb's higher population was due to the Big Chicken.