Cat breeder risks life to save animals from burning home

Dec 27, 2017

A Walton County woman risked her own life to save two dozen cats from her home. And the breeder says she’s grateful for the firefighters who also helped rescue the animals. 

"I burned my scalp. I burned my arm,” Stephanie Ingram told Channel 2 Action News. “I broke my foot kicking in doors and kicking out windows because I was throwing cats out of the windows to try to get them out of the house."

Ingram runs “Pinkerton Ragdolls” from her Monroe home. Tuesday night, a portable heater sparked a fire that quickly engulfed her house, Ingram said. More than 30 cats and kittens were inside. 

Ingram rescued as many animals as she could before a police officer ordered her not to return inside because of the dangerous conditions. Firefighters continued the rescue efforts. 

"I'm very grateful to the firefighters who knew I wasn't allowed back in,” Ingram said. “They kept bringing me cats alive one by one after they gave them oxygen. I'm grateful.”

Two of the cats died and three were still missing late Tuesday, Channel 2 reported. Some of the surviving cats are staying with Ingram’s friends and others are at local veterinary clinics.