Button Art sculpture will make for photo ops in Lilburn

The Lilburn City Council voted to allow the use of public art funds for the purchase of a Button Art Sculpture for display. Button Art, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to further an appreciation of art in the county. The Button Art project was established in honor of Gwinnett’s 200th anniversary.

Button Art will manage, create, and install 200 original life-sized Button Sculptures throughout the county. Gwinnett cities have been invited to participate in the initiative by sponsoring a button for $8,000. Each button will feature original artwork selected by the city, and the city selects the location of the button.

Information: www.buttonart.org.

Lilburn’s sculpture will feature unique artwork and is expected to be a great photo opportunity for residents and visitors. The city will also receive a blank button with blackboard material for placement in Lilburn.