Busy Cheshire Bridge eatery fails health check after roach concern

Hong Kong Harbour

2184 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta

Score: 42

Read the inspection report here.

The manager of Hong Kong Harbour, a Cheshire Bridge Road Chinese restaurant, is frustrated after the business failed its recent health inspection, with a score of 42.

“I don’t know why they always give you a hard time,” Ping Lim told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday. “We clean every night.”

She said she felt the restaurant’s issues were overblown and “nothing big.”

The inspector checked the Fulton County establishment, which isn't far from the DeKalb County line, on Thursday, noting food-storage and handwashing issues.

An employee was seen not washing their hands after touching raw meat and ready-to-eat food, the report said. There were also ducks and beef thawing improperly and a Bud Light cardboard box was used to store food, the report said.

The inspector also noted seeing a live roach and a concern that pests could come in through a hole.

Lim said the restaurant is working to correct the violations.

"I'm doing (it) now," she said.

Follow-up inspections are generally done within 10 days of a failing one.

The failing score was a considerable fall from the last inspection, which resulted in a 96 in March. In February, Hong Kong Harbor got a 73.