Teacher who told students to remove Trump shirt resigns

A Cherokee County high school math teacher embroiled in a controversy has tendered her resignation to the school board.

Lyn Orletsky's resignation is on the agenda set for 7 p.m. Thursday.

She was put on administrative leave in September, shortly after a video of her request that two students wearing “Make America Great Again” T-shirts turn them inside out, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

She said she was motivated to ask the students to remove the slogan because it had been used by neo-Nazis during the violent rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Orletsky released a statement Wednesday, saying she is fearful for her life.

“After attacks on my character and threats on my life, I have made the decision to resign from my teaching position at River Ridge High School,” Orletsky said. “While in hindsight I would have handled the situation differently, the outcry over this incident has been disproportionate to the event itself.”

Orletsky told students that wearing the slogan made popular by President Donald Trump was like wearing a swastika.

The school district quickly apologized and said while disciplinary action against Orletsky wouldn’t be disclosed, the students weren’t in trouble.

Cherokee County Schools spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby confirmed Orletsky’s last day would be Nov. 1 if the board accepts her resignation.

Credit: Erica Hernandez / AJC

Credit: Erica Hernandez / AJC